Friday, August 21st, 2015

Tropical Getaway

Nothing says tropical getaway like this palm tree printed one piece by Australian swimwear label Cantik.  Backless and slightly cheeky this onesie is also wearable of the water with denim cut offs.  Photographed on a recent trip on the Indonesian island of Suluwasi
(travel guide coming up!)

South Sulawesi-18
South Sulawesi-24 South Sulawesi-25 South Sulawesi-14 South Sulawesi-4 South Sulawesi-11 South Sulawesi-12 South Sulawesi-28
Photographed by Tom Robinson

Wearing Cantik Swimwear

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015


When you first meet frank it’s hard to decide what you like most about him….

Frank+face+cleanser frank_face_range2 frank_body_face_range frank_face_range     | Photographed by Brenden Foster  | Wearing Gooseberry Intimates Bra + Lay Day Towel |

Last year I first discovered Australian made coffee-based skincare company FRANK who have recently branched out from a simple coffee scrub (see my frank body review here) to a growing coffee-based skincare range.

Why do I like Frank?
He’s simple and natural
He only tests on Babes
He doesn’t contain any parabens, PEGS, phthalates., sulphates or silicones.
Products are locally made in Melbourne Australia using natural ingredients like coconut oil, mint and cinnamon.

The new range consists of a creamy face cleanser to remove make up and remove impurities with coffee seed extract and charcoal.  A creamy face scrub to use when your want to clear those pores with detoxifying white clay and a mixture of nourishing oils.  Followed by an everyday face moisturiser to stimulate and nourish morning and night.

Check out the full range here

Sunday, July 12th, 2015


Two days ago was absolutely shocked to find four wild dolphins being held in a tiny pool at a resort called ‘Wake Bali” which faces the ocean at Keramas Beach in Bali.

After a friend had notified me upon seeing them on a surfing trip, I found this petition on started by surf reporter Craig Brokensha.  I then went down to personally see them for myself and was absolutely horrified at the conditions of the dolphins who were trapped in a tiny clouded pool, laying still and almost lifeless in the water.

I laid down next to edge of the pool to observe the dolphins, when they saw me they swam over and began to noticeable cry.  This moment was absolutely heartbreaking.

The resort charges $85 USD for tourists to see the dolphins and $110 USD to swim with them in the pool.  The Dolphins have been held there for over a year. The pool is approx. 10m x 20m in size. Not much bigger than an average back yard pool.

Through my social media channels @nataschaelisa and that of our Non Profit Organisation @modelsofcompassion we have in the last 24 hours managed to reach an enormous amount of people and get the attention of some very influential public figures and organisations.  This goes to show the power of social media and the influence it can have in creating awareness and encouraging action.  I can’t thank the 100K people enough who have signed this petition.  If you haven’t, please do!

The dolphins look very unwell and the water they are in is cloudy and dirty. They will require rehabilitation before they can survive in the wild again.

Let’s get these dolphins rescued and rehabilitated!!!



Tuesday, July 7th, 2015


lulu_yasmin_in_search_of_sadie_2015 Lulu_Yasmin_white_jumpsuit_silk Lulu_Yasmin_Collection_Black_Dress copy Lulu_Yasmin_Collection_Style_white_lace Lulu_Yasmin_Collection_Style Lulu_Yasmin_Red_Dress_Print Lulu_Yasmin_white_lace_dress lulu_yasmin_in_search_of_sadie


Photographed by Yasmin Suteja of Culture Machine

Wearing LULU YASMINE throughout

White jumpsuit: here
Black tie up dress: here
White lace dress: here
Black lace dress: here
Red printed dress: here
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