Wednesday, October 1st, 2014


Keeping up with my theme of Australian designers I am excited to announce the launch of Maurie and Eve‘s latest collection for Summer 2015.  An unpredictable mix of silks, stripes organza and terry, the collection references styles from past decades, utilising them to create beautifully detailed modern and accessible pieces.  I teamed up with my favourite babe slash photographer Yasmin Suteja from Culture Machine to create this story, with Bob Dylan playing in the background…



front_natascha_elisa_maurie_eve_yasmin_suteja_ natascha_elisa_maurie_eve_yasmin_suteja_ natascha_elisa_maurie_eve_yasmin_suteja_3 natascha_elisa_maurie_eve_yasmin_suteja_7 natascha_elisa_maurie_eve_yasmin_suteja_4 natascha_elisa_maurie_eve_yasmin_suteja_9_ natascha_elisa_maurie_eve_yasmin_suteja_6 natascha_elisa_maurie_eve_yasmin_suteja_5 natascha_elisa_maurie_eve_yasmin_suteja natascha_elisa_maurie_eve_yasmin_suteja_8

Photographed by Yasmin Suteja of Culture Machine

Wearing Maurie & Eve throughout
Look 1. Sheer White Perpetual Top
Look 2. Striped Infinate Cage Top
With Striped Journey Flare Skirt
Look 3. Relaxed Grey Eternity Pant
Look 4. Lilac Atlas Top
with Grey Terry Split Skirt
Look 5. Lilac Atlas Top
with Grey Terry Split Skirt
Look 6: Violet Atlas T Bar Atlas Top
Look 7. Printed Satalite Pelum Top
with coordinating Printed Infinate Split Skirt

Friday, September 26th, 2014


NYC has been an amazing adventure, staying at the all blue Mondrian Soho, I’m feeling quite a blue theme this week which is why I thought this outfit was ubur appropriate.  Australian designer Lottie Hall brings us amazing prints and scalloped hems, creating truly one of a kind pieces.  I first fell in love with the label almost two years ago when I wore the signiture lumeria print dress in this post here.  The label continues to create incredible, well thought, unique designs inspired by the ocean.  Each Lottie Hall print is hand drawn by the designer herself making each garment a piece of art.

Lottie_hall__label_natascha_elisa_in_search_of_sadie_style Lottie_hall_natascha_elisa_in_search_of_sadie_outfit_style_ Lottie_hall_natascha_elisa_in_search_of_sadie_outfit_style_blog
Lottie_hall_natascha_elisa_in_search_of_sadie_outfit_style_print Lottie_hall_natascha_elisa_in_search_of_sadie_outfit_style_print_Fashion  Lottie_hall_natascha_elisa_in_search_of_sadie_outfit_style

Lottie Hall
The Dunes Blazer (on sale) here
& converse low cut chucks here

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014


Visiting NYC for the second time, although last time I came in the middle of a snow storm which really limited my sightseeing!  This time, with sunshine on my side I have spent the first few days doing the usual tourist circuit.

First stop: Times Square.

While we are talking about sightseeing, I thought I would leave some tips about being healthy while traveling!

1. Hydration! Always have a bottle of water on hand and you will drink it throughout the day without having to think about it too much.  There is nothing worse than a headache on holidays and hydration is so important it’s easy to forget when you are distracted by all the sights!  I either carry a 1litre bottle in a tote bag or a backpack or refill a smaller bottle through out the day!

2. Take the stairs.  Ditch elevators and escalators, skip the crowds and get your legs and heart going by taking the stairs when ever possible (minimal effort mini work out throughout the day)

3. Walk.  Walk everywhere! Wear comfy shoes (cons or sneakers are ideal) you will save money on cabs, time on traffic, pollution and your doing your body a favor.  Plus you see much more out and about than in a car or subway.  Some of my favorite places, stores, parks and cafes I have discovered by walking around town on foot.  Getting lost is also great for this!

aqaq_playsuit_white_insearchofsadie_times_square_nyc_outfit times_square_nyc_travel_new_york_NYC   aqaq_playsuit_white_insearchofsadie_timessquare_nyc_outfit_


Photographed by Destiny Sierra

Shoes: Roc Boots

Friday, September 12th, 2014


Although I have traveled all of my life I am always an Australian girl at heart, which is why I love representing Australian brands.  This time I’m wearing Steele, an emerging Melbourne based label referencing the laid back Australian lifestyle that I love.  Clothes that can be worn dress up or dressed down, day or night, subtle print and soft silhouettes.  Check them out here!

Another land I love is my current location.  It’s my second week in LA and I have had all sorts of adventures, danced, cried, fell over (typical me) made new friends and most definitely enjoyed the sunshine.  I’m really excited about the coming months in this amazing city! I have been doing a lot of studying and I’m really excited to be expanding my health food and lifestyle pages to you all.  Lot’s of great things in the horizon.  My focus this past year is coming together and I strongly believe that you should find your passion, follow it, work hard, do it, don’t focus on the things that could hold you back, focus on moving forward – if you think you can, you can!

steele_melbourne_natascha_elisa_in_search_of_sadie_txt steele_melbourne_natascha_elisa_in_search_of_sadie_copy steelemelbourne-nataschaelisa_in_search_of_sadie steele_melbourne_natascha_elisa_in_search_of_sadie_outfit steele_melbourne_natascha_elisa_in_search_of_sadie

Photographed by Yasmin Suteja of Culture Machine | Typography by Jasmin Dowling

Wearing Steele Melbourne throughout
Together shirt here
Unguarded skirt here


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