Friday, December 18, 2015

Having an amazing life is more simple than it seems, these small every day tasks can do just that…

literally move! If you spend a lot of your day sitting down (I’m talking to you behind that computer screen!) perhaps you are studying and sitting in class, or you are behind a desk at work or standing all day in a store.  Moving will get your blood flowing, muscles active and give you energy.  Walk to your daily destination or if that’s too far, get up an hour early and dedicate that time to go for a walk, do that yoga class in the evening or pop on an exercise youtube video at home, you can make time and it will be worth your time!

I don’t mean wrap yourself in a red ribbon and jump out of a gift box singing Happy Birthday, (although you can definitely do that too!).  What I mean check in an be aware.   Start paying attention to the little things in life.  Use your senses, listen, taste, touch, see.. there are so many things in life that pass us by that are wonderful that we don’t notice if we are not present.

Find a new hobby, be it skydiving, bike riding surfing, painting, photography or baking cupcakes.  Do something new, learn a new language or a new skill, do something fun, do something interesting, do something different and you will start to feel more alive, spend less time doing things that don’t make you happy, have things to look forward to!

If you love the things around you, you will start to love life.  Show some unconditional love, love your family, love your friends, love your main squeeze, love your pets and love yourself.   Be kind to yourself, nourish yourself with healthy food, take care to look after your skin, your hair, your body, point out the physical features that you are blessed with and love them.  Once you love yourself, you will be able to love others, and once you love others you will receive love in return.  Accept it, it will make your life amazing.

I’m talking about the comfort zone, leave it! Now this applies to number 3 and 4 as well, do stuff that you haven’t done before, that you thought were too hard or too scary, you can do them! And once you do them, you will feel amazing that you had the courage to do it!
Embrace chances, visit new places, try new things, make the move, tell someone how you feel.

If you don’t think your life is already amazing, do something about it! If it already is, make it more amazing! You are the change you wish to see, and you are in control of your life.
So get moving, look around you, do something new, jump off the edge, wonder off the beaten track, love truly, kiss deeply, challenge yourself, do one of these things a day and your life will be amazing.