Natascha Elisa.


International model, healthy lifestyle enthusiast and ultimate wanderer Natascha Elisa resides between Australia, LA and tropical Bali. With a laid back eclectic style Natascha and a beachy relaxed vibe. Whilst trekking the globe Natascha Elisa is forever inspired by life’s simple beauty. Curator of Search of Sadie (insearchofsadie.com). Natascha offers a graphical keyhole to life with an open heart and open mind. Here she shares her love for style, inspiration, healthy lifestyle and travel.

Natascha’s love for traveling begun at a young age, her first time overseas was at just 6 months old, Natascha had already travelled to over 40 countries by the age of 16. Her passion for exploring the globe continued to grow and she has been traveling since finishing her education. Inspired by nature and her surroundings, the ocean, and different cultures Natascha is a strong believer in exploring the world we live in, in order to learn, grow and experience life to it’s fullest.

Growing up living a healthy lifestyle and traveling often, her job as a fashion model meant both industry pressure and a busy schedule. With a strong belief in the importance of a healthy mind and body Natascha begun her sister blog cleancookingrecipes.com, promoting healthy eating with nutritional information and healthy recipes. With a vision to empower and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle, Elisa dedicates her remaining time running a non-profit organisation called Models of Compassion (modelsofcompassion.org).

Natascha Elisa has always had a drive to volunteer. She started volunteering around the same time as she started her modeling career, at age fifteen. As her work as a model had her traveling in different parts of Asia, Natascha was exposed to a lot of issues which became close to her heart, especially those related to animals, children, and the environment. Natascha co-founded Models of Compassion (MOC) as a platform to encourage models and influencers, whilst providing them with opportunities to get involved with charities locally though action and globally through the internet, using social media and it’s incredible outreach to spread awareness, educate and encourage others and to make a difference.

Natascha believes that as a model and a social influencer, she has the ability to inspire others and wants to help give others the opportunity to do the same.
IN SEARCH OF SADIE is a place where she shares her love for life, be it living a healthy lifestyle, exploring new places and what to wear along the way.

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