Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Today I would like to take you on an adventure, three and a half hours drive from Perth to Injidup Beach near Yallingup in the south west.  Named after a red flower that grows along limestone cliffs, Injidup is a magical spot which is well worth the drive.

Instructions for exploring Injidup:
1. Turn off the main road and park, leave the car, grab a hat, a bottle of water and some comfy shoes (it’s rocky and the ground beneath you is hot!).  From the car park make a right down towards the water.
2. Climb over the giant red rocks and you will find a large rock pool filled with the in the most exquisite turquoise water.
3. Jump in.
4. Sit on the highest rock and watch the waves crashing in against the rocks, look out into the open blue and check for whales or dolphins (cross fingers)
5.  Head back the way you came and explore the opposite side, take the path through the bush and admire the wildflowers, watch out for snakes.
6. Check out the lagoon style bays, here you will find white sand and crystal clear water, there is a good chance you will be the only person here in which case, skinny dip.

Let’s rewind for a minute, before the clothes came off, the clothes that went on were timeless wardrobe essentials made with quality fabrics by Grana, who, traveled the world to find the best fabrics, from Peruvian mountains to Japanese cities.  With a focus on the attention to detail and durable designs Grana’s pieces are made to last beyond the season.  Using Pima cotton from Peru, which was named to honour the Native American tribe who began using it in the 1900’s as well as Irish linen from a 200 year old fabric mill who prides them selves on low energy and low water consumption.  I figured, there would be no better place than the secluded Australian coast line to showcase a collection of all white outfits.

IMG_9735-crop01-980x654 Grana Japanese Denim Colelction
Grana Silk Collection White
Photographed by Brendan Foster

Wearing GRANA throughout
Racer Back Camisole
Long Sleeve Blouse
Linen Shirt
Denim Jeans
Trapeze Dress