Sunday, December 29, 2013

It’s the last sunday of the year….
Enjoy! x

16.Esther Cañadas vintage 15.Natalia Vodianova in polaroids 14.Tyler by Albert Watson for Rolling Stone, 1994

2.EMMA_BALFOUR_BY_ANGELO_PENNETTA Editorial entitled The Big Idea, Bazaar US 1993 November. 10.Sasha Luss Polaroid 9.Unknown editorial 8.Esther Cañadas 7.Kate Moss Young Fresh 6.Esther Cañadas for Elle US 3.Candice-Swanepoel-Vogue-Japan-11 1.Jason-Kibbler-for-Vogue-Russia-Jan-2014

12. editorial black dress1.Jason-Kibbler-for-Vogue-Russia-Jan-2014 13.vintage-kate-moss-hat-chair

4.Waves by Partenope Sarah Michelle Gellar, late 90s 5.Esther Cañadas for Jalouse #4 1997

Esther Cañadas, Vintage  Natalia Vodianova polaroids, Liv Tyler by Albert Watson for Rolling Stone 1994, Emma Balfour by Angelo Penneta, Kate Moss by Steven Klein 1993, Sasha Luss polaroids, unknwon, Esther Cañadas, Kate Moss, Esther Cañadas for Elle US, 3.Candice Swanepoel Vogue Japan 11, 3.Candice Swanepoel Vogue Japan 11, unknown,  Jason Kibbler Vogue Russia Jan 2014, Kate Moss, Waves by Partenope, Sarah Michelle Gellar late 90’s, Esther Cañadas for Jalouse 4 1997.