Sunday, August 14, 2016

Last week I hung out with Los Angeles based label Spiritual Gangster, they spent a day with me in my Venice home and we did a little Q&A… 

What does being a Spiritual Gangster mean to you?

I believe that our inner world affects the outer world.  I believe that the pattern of our thoughts, attitudes and actions are what creates our reality.  To change the experiences that we have in life, we simply change our vibration – our emotional state, our pattern of thoughts and attitudes, the atmosphere of where we spend our time, the way we associate with the things around us and how we communicate with others and how they are felt by us.  What I love most about Spiritual Gangster is that for every item sold, they donate proceeds to provide a meal to a person in need.  Being a spiritual gangster is about having a positive attitude, it’s about being active and it’s about giving back.


How do you start your day?

The first thing I do when I wake up, while I am still in bed, is to name three things that I am grateful for.  Which ever things come to mind, wether it be the comfortable bed I just slept in or the exciting photoshoot I have coming up, or that I have such caring friends in my life.  Just naming these things makes for a positive start to the day.
Then I start my day by being active! Wether I do a yoga class or go for a walk or run or just do a little routine at home, movement changes your perspective for the day to come.  It creates endorphins which help you feel happy. The happier you feel the more you will draw happy experiences to yourself and the better your day will be.  It also helps me to wake up and feel energised.

Where is your favorite high vibrational place to cool off in the summer heat?

The ocean! I’m lucky enough to have found a place to live that’s a short walk to the beach.  This means I can enjoy the calming and invigorating nature of the ocean.  Wether it be swimming, surfing, walking along the shore, laying in the sun or simply watching the tide roll in, the ocean is the ultimate high vibrational place for me.

How do you raise your vibration?

Living a healthy lifestyle! If you nurture your body with healthy, seasonal, plant based food full of nutrients your body will be capable of vibrating at high frequencies (check out my healthy recipes that I love to share at @cleancooking / cleancookingrecipes.com if you want to get onboard)
Spending time in nature, let mother earth lift your vibration as your breathe in fresh air and fill your lungs with oxygen, your senses with the wonders of nature.  You can do this by finding a park to lay in, going for a bike ride, taking a hike or visiting a nature reserve (you can have a tech detox while you do this for maximum effect)
Looking at your surroundings and noticing beautiful things around you definitely raises your vibrations, find things in everyday life and appreciate them, make a list and keep these in a journal.
Say something nice to someone, be it a friend or a stranger and do something nice for someone.  Giving to someone else allows us to shift our thinking, compassion is a high vibration.

spiritual_gangster_linos_bicycle_venice_10000budahs spiritual_gangster_linos_bicycle_venicespiritual_gangster_venice_10000budahs

You started @modelsofcompassion, a charity-focused company that links up models with both local and world wide charities. Tell us a little more about this movement.

My best friend and I started MOC (modelsofcompassion.org) to provide a platform to enable social influencers to be active role models.  We bring together our influencers to help with current causes related to animals, children and the environment by volunteering, creating awareness, educating and inspiring others to make a positive impact on both a local and global scale.  We utilise social media and it’s ability to influence others to encourage them to take action, creating a community of change.


You have traveled the world, doing what you love. Where has been your favorite place to call home?

Having traveled so much and living in so many different countries, I have learnt not to associate home with a physical place, but with a feeling. I have learnt that home isn’t necessarily a city or a place, it’s a story full of the places you visit, it’s the connections you have, the memories you make and things that you feel.  Home can be more than one place at a time and it’s always changing.  When home becomes a state of being, you never feel like you are missing a place, as home will always be with you.


How do you end your day with gratitude?

Listening to music, cooking a delicious healthy meal, dancing around the house, painting a picture or reading an inspiring book.  Finding a hobby or activity that you love and doing it at the end of the day is a great way to feel gratitude for being alive.
Before I fall asleep I lay and focus on my breathing, making more relaxed, longer, fuller and deeper breaths.  This has a direct affect on your nervous system and helps you calm down and gather your thoughts.  In a similar way to how I start my day, being calm and reflecting on the positive aspects of life I am able to end my day with gratitude.


Wearing Spiritual Gangster clothing throughout