Saturday, August 27, 2016

I arrived late at night, as I came through the gates, I couldn’t recognise much, as the remote location of Tri Lanka meant little lights were around and all I could see was the path leading me into the resort.  I was shown to my room down a narrow way through thick jungle plants which surrounded the resort.  The stones which made up the path were still warm from the hot sun of the day.  I collapsed on the crisp white sheets and slept a deep sleep, in a bed that resembled a cloud, a nice change from the bus I had slept on the night before on my pilgrimage adventure (more on that soon!)

I woke to the sounds of birds chirping happily in their element as they flew from tree to tree surrounding the lake which was made up my picturesque view.  It took a few moments for me to decipher that it was in fact reality and not some magical dream where I was on the set of Jurassic Park or that I lived on a tropical island on a giant lake.  Moments passed as I started to plot a future where, this could be my actual home.

This was reality, I was looking out at Lake Koggala in Southern Sri Lanka in the most incredible Eco Lodge I had ever laid eyes on.  I wanted to stay here, in my white cotton robe forever.  I danced around the living room, opened the large glass sliding doors to the balcony and discovered my own little private pool.  No robe required, I had the privacy of swimming, sun baking, lounging or reading in the nude, if I wanted to….
As much as I did want to spend the entire day alone and without clothes in my little lake house, there was a whole resort to explore, and breakfast waiting for me by the pool.

I put on my favourite printed Auguste jumpsuit and practically shady Lack of Colour hat and wondered up the same tiny path.  The first thing that caught my eye was the water tower, made from locally sourced cinnamon wood, a small spiral stair case led me to the rooftop upstairs, where, couches overlooked the lake and jungle terrain with 360 degree views, including sunrise and sunset seating options and an ‘honesty bar’ to enjoy a cold drink whilst enjoying that view.

My day included a fresh, locally sourced, organic breakfast (catered to my vegan ways) swimming in the main infinity pool, chilling in the glass library, reading and flicking through as many Taschen books as I could lay my eyes on.  A jungle yoga class in an open yoga shala looking out into the green was the perfect afternoon activity, practicing a location appropriate ‘tree pose’ as the daydream continued that that this shala exists above my living room.  Dinner was so many courses that I actually lost count, each full of flavour, designed to infuse local flavors and classic dishes with a modern asian twist.

Built using entirely local materials Tri Lanka’s accommodations and landscape are fused in it’s design.  The resort is sustainable without jepoardising luxury, the arcitechture includes living walls, green roofs, solar hot water and recycled wood.  The resort does not disrupt it’s surroundings. Below you will see the incredible sunset that I was blessed with on my last night in Sri Lanka.  Sitting on the rooftop of the water tower I reflected on what was a spontaneous and completely unplanned decision to fly to this country (literally booking this trip the night before).  I am so grateful for the adventure that I had, 5 days definitely wasn’t long enough! I can’t wait to come back and explore more of this beautiful country!  More on southern Sri Lanka coming soon, in the meantime, a visit to this tranquil tropical haven Tri is a must do on your visit to Sri Lanka.

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Hat – Lack of Color
Jumpsuit – Auguste

Tri Lanka
Tri, Koggala Lake
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